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PLAY all standard audio and video files !
RIP/IMPORT Audio and Data CDs/DVDs !
BURN Audio CDs and Data CDs/DVDs !
MIX audio tracks & CDs with the automix !
CONVERT audio files with superior quality !
VISUALIZE music in transparent windows !
ORGANIZE even x-tra large collections !
NORMALIZE tracks for smooth listening !
PRINT high-quality CD/DVD labels !
AND ENJOY Virtuosa's unlimited playlists !


V5.20: What's new? see all releases

+ Compatibility with MusicBrainz to identify and clean up track metadata. Check instructions first !

+ Up to 10 times mp3 encoding acceleration with Lame 3.97A11 encoder

+ New installer, compatible with SP2

+ Wma-DRM 9 plugin update: DRM settings, track and burn numbers correctly handled

+ UI now in 6 languages : English/ French/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/German

+ Added Data CD/DVD importing & ripping

For Gold or Silver users: install latest Trial version over to get updates.
No Spyware, No Adware, No Viruses.


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