Please find here the descriptions of all versions of Virtuosa since its launch in 1997. These were the major releases, there were minor updates in between.

Version : 5.20 2/05/05
Compatibility with MusicBrainz to identify and clean your track metadata !!! Check instructions first !!!
Up to 10 times mp3 encoding acceleration with the new Lame 3.97A11 encoder

Version : 5.10 14/03/05
Brand new installer, compatible with SP2
Corrected bug in skin that caused blurred text
Corrected random shuffle, finally real randomness
No more window resizing when clicking on View
Wma-DRM track number now correctly read
Wma-DRM track number of authorized burns correctly handled
Correct handling of Wma-DRM settings
Wma-DRM plugin update and new certificate
A couple of other changes

Version : 5.00 04/06/04
User interface (UI) now available in 6 languages : English / French / Italian / Spanish / Dutch / German
Added Data CD/DVD importing and ripping
Added full suite of music and movie Data CD/DVD burning capabilities (Data CD/DVD, Mp3 CD/DVD and WMA CD/DVD, with or without playlist)
Added brand new module to burn and rip Red Book Audio CDs
Now supports most CD/DVD-Rom and CD/DVD-R & RW drives
Now supports Windows Media 9 DRM audio format
Added Surething CD Label printing bridge
Up to 15 times acceleration of the search function and database operation
Added StatusBar with tracks, space, time,...
Added optional LogFile to better trace potential problems
Solved ripping and online CD identification problems with specific configurations

Version : 4.20 22/08/03
Added a TrayIcon (handy to use Virtuosa in a minimized mode)
Added Digital AudioCD playback (can do automix on CDs!!!)
Optimized and improved ripping with multiple-selection (no more popping up and includes also a little sound when finished...)
Added support for two video aspect ratios (wide 16:9 and TV 4:3)
Added Sorting on Playlists, CDPlayer and CDRecordable windows
Added user-defined custom genres for songs also
Added displaying of notification on title change when playing minimized (track title, status)
Optimized the "convert and replace" command (bugs solved!)
Improved volume scroll bar
And over 250 new cd burners integrated as well!!!

Version : 4.10a 17/02/03
Added user registration in setup
Improved analog AudioCD recording (always display the PeekMeter)
Removed internal Mp3 and Asfs decoders (and removed old Asfs SerialNumber)
Added freeDB online CD identification server

Version : 4.10 03/12/02
Added advanced search, changed Quick Search
Added Normalization Volume Leveling
Added reading and writing of ID3V2 tag in song files
Added AutoMix (Crossfade, FadeIn and FadeOut)

Version : 4.01 29/05/02
Added writing of ID3V1 tags in song files
Added quick sort on header view (ascending and descending)
Added database fields: FileSize, Id3 Year, Copyright (comment)
Added information from newly burnt CD in CD Collection
Supported SetTagInfo in decoder plugins

Version : 4.00a 06/02/02
Corrected bug for Logitech Keyboard commands (Itouch)
Corrected bug of space caracters in directory name

Version : 4.00 20/10/01
Corrected various bugs and prepared Phoenix version for distibution
Added checkbox in CD Player for easy multiple-selection
Added advanced Audio page in Options
Added general appearance page in Options (graphics details)
Added CD covers in skins
Adapted for compatibility with Windows XP
Added DivX decoder

Version : 3.60 30/07/01
Added Radio Decoder Plugins
Added file Conversion function
New Database architecture, Add Genre, SubGenre and new sort
Added new 4 displaying modes in Phonolist list view

Version : 3.50 20/12/00
Added Encoder and Decoder Plugin structure
Added File Information
Added Online files in Database

Version : 3.40 04/07/00
Added Full Screen Video
Added Visualization Plug-ins
Added Proxy Server for CDDB and inexact CDDB search
Added new Direct Show filters
Added WMA decoder and encoder

Version : 3.30 23/12/99
Added Skin Files and first sketch of Plugin architecture
Added Direct Show and Video support (AVI and MPG)

Version : 3.20 12/07/99
Added external drag and drop feature
Added Relative export
Corrected Mp3 bugs
Supported Xing Variable Bitrates (duration)
Corrected Master Volume on Advanced Master Volume Sound Blaster

Version : 3.13 02/07/99
Added new shortcut for logitech keyboard (iTouch version)
Added Random play, Play Status and new menus

Version : 3.12 13/04/99
Specific version for Mixman

Version : 3.11 30/03/99
Added German Language
Released Logitech version
Released Intel Pentium III optimized (if AsEncKm.dll)
Trial period is set to 30 days

Version : 3.10 08/03/99
Added Multi-selection, Mp3 encoder, NT full compatibily
More flexibility in security systems for Asfs files

Version : 3.01 15/12/98
Added Player controls, transparent scrollBars
Added French Language

Version : 3.00 16/10/98
Added Asfs encoder
Added Digital ripping and CD-Writing
Trial period is set to 15 days

Version : 3.00 08/06/98
Added Modules MOD player
Added CDDB management, new CD player in Playlist

Version : 2.20 27/02/98
Added Mp3 player
Added Analog Recording (CD to Hard Disk)

Version : 2.10 09/02/98
Added CD Player
Added Custom background

Version : 2.00 01/12/97
First release for customers

Version : 1.00 04/08/97
Virtuosa was first created


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