• For business requests only (no technical support).

  • For marketing and sales requests :
  • Marketing questions and suggestions, plus how you can transform VirtuosaTM into a spectacular viral branding tool for your company...
  • Affiliate sales and Affiliate Plus sales requests (yes, you too can make some revenues by reselling VirtuosaTM, check out the Become an Affiliate Partner section in the Company section for more information ...).
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requests, to bundle this great music and movie jukebox with hardware devices.

  • For press requests :
  • Press relations, for articles, press-related questions and news.

  • For general information and website requests :
  • General business requests, anything business-related that is not addressed more specifically elsewhere.
  • For general information.
  • For music partners zone requests.

  • For support and help requests.

  • For developers :
  • Questions about the programming of VirtuosaTM.
  • Questions about plugins Software Development Kits (SDKs), if you are a developer in need of information about our SDKs.
  • To report bugs, if any... ;-)

  • For all users, check below, on how to resolve technical problems step-by-step. For enhanced support, please register your copy by purchasing it here. You are entitled to first priority support if you are a registered user.

    1. For your convenience, a full Help and Tutorial document is always available within the program by simply pressing F1 anytime while using VirtuosaTM. Please check it first for any questions as it is very complete and well structured with various tutorials.

    2. If you cannot find the answers in the ReadMe, the VirtuosaTM Help nor the Tutorial documents, please check the online Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary here.

    3. Additionally, you can obtain support and information in the VirtuosaTM communities of users, they also are available online here.

      These sources already hold most of the ANSWERS for you, are available IMMEDIATELY and 24-hours a day.

    4. If you still cannot find a solution to your question, you can send a message with the following information file. To enable us to have a precise idea of your configuration and ultimately help us to answer you faster, please do the following :

      1. go in the File menu in Virtuosa and click on Help/Technical Support. Virtuosa will take a snapshot of your configuration and automatically open an email with an information file as attachment;

      2. write a clear description of the problem with your Order Number if you are a registered user in the body of the message;

      3. send the email, the Send To address is already set automatically. In case you use AOL, send it to support AT virtuosa.com

  • We will answer as soon as we can, priority is given to registered users. Thank you for your cooperation.


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