.: What is Virtuosa ?

VirtuosaTM is the ultimate all-in-one software jukebox that enables you to rip, convert, play, mix, normalize, organize, visualize, burn, print and enjoy music and movies on your PC. But it is much more than that, as you will see: it is a real experience that is easy for beginners and really powerful for advanced users.

Organize all your music and movie tracks easily. Today it becomes difficult to manage a fast-growing number of tracks with the downloading, ripping and importing. VirtuosaTM plays most file formats seamlessly and features a strong database to organize all your music and movie tracks efficiently. It also makes it easy to make playlists or search for tracks in small and big collections.

Backup your playlists on CDs or DVDs easily with VirtuosaTM. With one click you can burn Audio CDs, but also Data CDs/DVDs holding up to 1 000 music tracks or 5 movies !!! VirtuosaTM also saves the playlist, so that when you play the CD/DVD in your car (for long rides) or on a stereo, the original sequence is preserved. And you can also import the full playlists easily on another computer of yours, or play these at a friend's place to make them discover your latest playlists.

Make great parties and play your favorite music without spending the evening searching and changing CDs all the time... Connect your PC or laptop to a sound system and VirtuosaTM will automatically mix all the tracks you want in the playlists you want (or randomly) and as many hours as you want ! And not only that : your music will be accompanied by the most spectacular visual effects in full-screen transparent windows !!! These long-lasting ambiences will impress the crowds.

A lifetime license is what you get when purchasing VirtuosaTM. Simply install newer trial versions over your purchased Gold version to get the new updates ! We respect your privacy, that is why VirtuosaTM has no spyware nor adware !

VirtuosaTM is a powerful emotions generator ...

... with amazing visual effects in transparent windows !
For detailed information check the Virtuosa features overview and guided tours.


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