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  • The story and the team

    VirtuosaTM was first launched by the company AudioSoft in 1997, as envisioned by its founder Francois-Xavier Nuttall. VirtuosaTM was one of the very few pioneering jukeboxes in the early days of music on the Internet. VirtuosaTM soon became very popular because of its impressive benefits and its high quality programming. Several bundles were made with important electronic equipment manufacturers. The community of users grew exponentially until the year 2000, when the company changed its focus and, as a consequence, decided to terminate the development of this product. 

    BUT, the team who first brought it to life could not stand letting it go like this. Thanks to its tenacity and unconditional commitment to provide the highest added value to consumers, it brought VirtuosaTM back to life in 2001 in a newly formed team with additional members : The FunVibes Team. Firmly believing in its leadership and vision, the FunVibes Team enabled this jukebox to stand up, shine and live again for your enjoyment. This was probably one of the first phoenix stories on the Internet. VirtuosaTM is back, STRONGER THAN EVER, and this is why it has been renamed the VirtuosaTM Phoenix Edition !

    We sincerely hope you enjoy using VirtuosaTM as much as we love developing it.

    Many people contributed to the development, testing, marketing, and design of VirtuosaTM over time. We warmly thank all of them for their contribution. The current active team includes :

    • Initial idea by FX.
    • Concept by EriC++ and Giac.
    • EriC++ and Nico, Code Masters.
    • Thierry, Ergonomy and Bugs Termination.
    • Frank, Master of Graphic Design.
    • Karin, Marketing Angel.
    • Francois, Marketing Machine.
    • Louiff, IT Magician.
    • Philibert, Webmaster.
    • Giac, Business Wizard.

    Awards and news

    VirtuosaTM has been widely recognized as a successfull pioneering and innovative audio & video jukebox, receiving some of the most prestigious awards from the online software community :


    Comments and quotes

    Check some of the comments from the users :
    Najla : "This is definetly the best jukebox i've ever used. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for an easy to use, yet high quality recording device. Use it once and you won't be able to work at your PC without it." says Najla, one of Virtuosa's loyal users
    Dave : "Once you've opened Virtuosa's new Phoenix Edition you'll see just how easy it is to use. Five minutes after you downloaded it, you'll be a pro! Once you've tried it, you'll regret even buying something else." says Dave
    Gregory : "I just purchased your Gold version. Until today - I never heard of you guys or your software. I have used them all - seriously!!! - and there is nothing that outperforms your software - yet ;) (...) This is the best. Beleive me - I get around and see and hear of every software and hardware technology - and you guys need to step up and be Known!!! thousands would switch if they knew you were around." says Gregory
    Kenneth : "The sleek design and transparency together with Virtuosas ability to play so many different filetypes make it stand out from the crowd. I love the visualizers running in the background." says Kenneth

    Press releases

    Download the press releases by clicking on the icons on the left (these are pdf documents to be opened with Acrobat Reader).

    May 2005 Virtuosa and MusicBrainz on the fast track
    August 2004 VirtuosaTM V5 stands out of the crowd. The all-in-one jukebox now burns 1'000 tracks on 1 DVD !
    December 2002 VirtuosaTM phoenix V4.10 sets new standard in audiovisual experience. The mp3 and divx jukebox makes a quantum leap forward !
    December 2001 Virtuosa writes Internet's first phoenix story

    Journalist contact

    Click here to contact the press department for articles, press-related questions and news.

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    Join the development team

    Why is it interesting to join the VirtuosaTM community of developers and creative users ? VirtuosaTM is an outstanding development platform and super-visual jukebox, offering plenty of challenges for developers and creative users. The best plugins and skins will be promoted through the VirtuosaTM newsletter and on the website where users from all over the world will be able to downwload them.

    Specific sections in the VirtuosaTM forum are dedicated to plugin and skin development where you can exchange ideas and share your knowledge with other developers.

    Make your art shine !

    • Skins

      • Make VirtuosaTM your OWN jukebox : VirtuosaTM certainly makes your skins shine to their full extent thanks to its full-screen graphic interface with transparent windows ! You can customize almost everything in this super-visual jukebox : buttons, backgrounds,...

      • Make your art SHINE and get known : VirtuosaTM is a very popular software, reaching many people all over the world. We will put the best skins for download on the VirtuosaTM  website. It is the ideal place to get known !

      • Be PART of the community : chat with the other skin creators on the online forum. Share ideas, learn from others.

      • It is EASY : download the Skin Development Kit here to get a complete description of VirtuosaTM's skinning capabilities, with samples and tips. Just unzip the file (using the folder name) and open "index - READ ME.htm"... all of the PhotoshopTM samples are located in "\psd_pictures" (they are also accessible within the htm file).

      • To SUBMIT your SKINS : please send them via email to skins@virtuosa.com so we can make them shine here.

    • Plugins

      • OUTSTANDING development platform : VirtuosaTM is an impressive construction of more than 450,000 lines of code ! Its modular plugin architecture allows developers from all over the world to develop specific modules enhancing the entire community experience ! Key access points have been opened for integrating new file formats, new visualizations, and many more will be opened soon !

      • Get KNOWN : VirtuosaTM is a very popular software, reaching many people all over the world. We will put the best plugins for download on the VirtuosaTM website. It is the ideal place to get known !

      • LEARN from the community : chat with our team and other plugin developers from all over the world in the forum. Ask questions, share ideas, learn from others.

      • SHARE your knowledge : make thousands of users benefit from your skills !

      • It is easy : get the Software Development Kits (SDKs) and follow the simple steps highlighted below.

      • To SUBMIT your PLUGINS : please send them via email to plugins@virtuosa.com, so we can make them shine here.

    The partners

    • Technology partners :

      VirtuosaTM is distributed thanks to RegNow's secure systems, Digital River, Transaction One and share* it! .

      VirtuosaTM includes Windows MediaTM technologies from Microsoft® Corporation.

      VirtuosaTM includes MP3 technologies from the Fraunhofer IIS Institute and Thomson.

    • Become an affiliate partner :

      You can EASILY sell VirtuosaTM on your site today ! How does it work ?

    • Sell VirtuosaTM from your site :

      You can do business while having fun by becoming a VirtuosaTM affiliate partner. By SIMPLY clicking on the link below you will be enabled to sell VirtuosaTM and entitled to get your share on the sales coming from your site ! Our sophisticated systems will track sales coming from you, even if people buy VirtuosaTM let's say 2 months afterwards... Reselling this fantastic jukebox is FREE to setup and FUN !

      To get started now, simply click on the following link. Follow the instructions on how to set everything up (it is extremely simple) and how to access your own administration area (where you can see the sales in real-time). 

      Become a Virtuosa affiliate in 3 minutes by clicking here.

    • Sell a special version of VirtuosaTM from your site, fully customized, with your own corporate design :

      Thanks to the fact that VirtuosaTM is very visual, the team can fully customize the application with your own corporate design and add specific links to your own sites. This is the ideal way to add a new dimension to your corporate marketing effort, by leveraging on VirtuosaTM's popularity and very visual interface.

      Contact us now for more details at Affiliate Plus sales.

    • Original Equipment Manufacturer partners :

      You are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, and would like to bundle this fantastic music and movie jukebox with hardware devices such as CD-ROM players, CD-Recorders, MP3 players, speakers, internet keyboards, storage devices, desktop or laptop PCs, sound cards, video cards, digital home entertainment systems, or any other product.

      TL Agency
      Contact our exclusive licensing partner - The Licensing Agency - now at Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for more information.

    Contact information

    Please click here to be directed to the contacts page.

    FunVibes' privacy policy

    We do protect your privacy and do *NOT* exchange or share our user's email addresses with ANY sites. You will just receive news about Virtuosa from time to time. Check FunVibes' privacy policy here.


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