.: Virtuosa list of features


  • Data CD/DVD import : when putting a Data CD/DVD in your drive, VirtuosaTM automatically displays the tracks in the correct playlist sequence, ready to be played or imported. VirtuosaTM easily imports Data CDs/DVDs with hundreds or even thousands of songs or movies and all of their valuable information (track information, associated CD covers, playlist sequence) at lightning speed in the Music and Movie Database !!!

    Import tracks from your Data CDs/DVDs easily !
  • High-speed Audio CD ripping : VirtuosaTM allows you to easily rip your Audio CDs to your computer at high speed ! For storage space optimization, VirtuosaTM automatically converts the ripped tracks in mp3 or wma formats that allow to reduce the file space on your hard drive by a factor of 12 with almost no loss in quality. It is all automated for your convenience.

  • Online Audio CD recognition : VirtuosaTM also identifies your Audio CDs online and retrieves track information from the Internet thanks to the integrated online queries. This means that you do not have to type the track information anymore. It is all automated !


  • All the music you want, whenever you want : VirtuosaTM plays most audio (MP3, WMA, Wav, Aiff, snd, au, Adpcm, Dolby AC3, Vorbis, Midi, Mod, asf, wm, asx,...) AND video (WMV, Avi, MP2, QuickTime, Video CD, Mpa, Video DVD, DivX, MPEG,...) formats available on the Internet (more than 40 file formats) ! Play files you downloaded from the Internet, or that you ripped or imported seamlessly, regardless of format considerations.

  • Superior audio quality : we have integrated the best of what the Internet has to offer in terms of decoders : MP3, Ogg, Microsoft's WMA, WMV, asf, wm, asx codecs at all qualities and bitrates, plus Wav, Aiff, snd, au, Adpcm, Dolby AC3, Vorbis, Avi, MP2, QuickTime, Video CD, Mpa, Video DVD, DivX, MPEG, Midi, Mod,... !

  • Digital Rights Management support : what about secure files that are provided online with some limitations ? VirtuosaTM also supports DRM systems from MicrosoftTM and plays WindowsTM Media Audio DRM files seamlessly.


  • Solid Music and Movie database for large collections : impressive database capabilities with multiple selections and searches. More than 20 database fields - some fully editable - allow you to best classify each audio or video file with precision. The database supports from small to X-TRA large numbers of audio & video files (above 5,000 - 10,000 audio and video files) with almost no speed loss ! For large collections VirtuosaTM beats all benchmarks.

    Convenient track management with the database
  • Power-packed playlist editor : you can create an unlimited number of playlists by genre, theme, ambience date, artist, most/least listened tracks, random, etc. You can either select the tracks one by one, in sequence, and make custom playlists. Or, you can attribute specific style and sub-style tags to the tracks, so that Virtuosa generates automated style-specific ambiences. With the advanced search capabilities, you can also create playlists as results of your searches on your entire collection ! You can also use the random mode to generate surprising combinations. VirtuosaTM also imports and exports all standard playlist files (.m3u, .pls, .asx, etc.), with or without tracks, and even with CD covers (.vls) !

  • Extensive track information editing and tagging : includes CD covers, styles, substyles, multiple tracks edition and many more ... Full support of mp3's id3V2 and wma's tags.

  • Compatibility with the MusicBrainz Tagger : to correct individual mp3 track tags automatically. How cooool !!! Please read the instructions here BEFORE !

  • Advanced search capabilities : especially designed for large collections, the advanced search capabilities feature all what you can dream of, from convenient sorting to automatic playlist generation as result of keyword searches.

  • CD collection management : this module allows to manage your CD collection simply as well. You will not forget if you have this CD or not, because you can finally manage your entire CD collection easily !


    Convert your audio tracks across audio formats : VirtuosaTM features simple but very effective conversion functions. By right-clicking on one or more tracks, you can convert them in wav, wma, ogg and mp3 audio formats to optimize used disk space (Mp3 and wma are among the most popular formats for audio). A complete selection of quality and bitrate settings are at your disposal for each format. You can even convert the audio part of video files into audio files. Please note that Virtuosa complies with DRM rules and will not convert DRM protected tracks such as Wma DRM tracks unless allowed by the DRM rules.

    Convert your audio tracks easily !


    So that all your audio tracks play at a similar volume level, and that your automixed playlists play seamlessly at a stable volume level.

    Normalize your entire collection easily !


    Just let Virtuosa take control of your mixes ! According to your preferences set in the Options window, Virtuosa will seamlessly fade in and fade out between songs. This addictive feature is really cool and allows you to have smooth transitions between audio tracks, automatically ! Let Virtuosa be the DJ ! And it even works on Audio CDs or Data CDs/DVDs !!!

    Set the automix parameters and let it go !


  • Burn music to standard Audio CDs in Red Book format. No need to manually decompress the files and then burn them, VirtuosaTM automatically decompresses and burns the tracks sequentially from any format. It is as easy as creating playlists and you can play your compilations on all standard CD players.

  • Burn Data DVDs with up to 1 000 music tracks or 5 movies, or Data CDs with up to 150 music tracks or 1 movie ! That is over 60 hours of music on a Data DVD, or over 10 hours of music on a Data CD !!! Just select the tracks and their sequence - or drag-and-drop entire playlists - and burn your entire collection with one click. Virtuosa also automatically burns the correct playlist and associated CD covers information with the tracks. You can even easily play Data CDs/DVDs in car today's CD players, making your journey much safer as you do not need to switch CDs anymore... You can then import your collection to another PC of yours, storing all the valuable information (playlist sequence, track information, associated CD covers) with it. You can also play these at a friend's place, to make them discover your latest playlists.

    Choose the type of CD/DVD to burn and backup your playlists !


    Print your CD labels and covers easily : for your convenience, at any time you can export a playlist to the SureThing CD Labeler application. That way you can easily create and print the playlist information of your burned CDs and DVDs.

    Easily export playlists to the SureThing CD Labeler !


    See the music : try the spectacular effects in transparent windows in the full screen interface ! FULL DirectX SUPPORT ! A dedicated button (or pressing F12) allows you to switch visualizations up to full screen mode. This is especially stunning when these visualizations are set as VirtuosaTM's background screen... Download the latest ones online. They will blow your mind.

    Virtuosa's set of features...

    ... will blow your mind away !


    Create your personal plugins, backgrounds, skins and CD covers : make VirtuosaTM look exactly the way you want it to look ! The plugin architecture is fully evolutive and allows VirtuosaTM to be totally open to the latest technologies. Skin and Software Development Kits are also available for download online.


  • All Drag-and-Drop : VirtuosaTM's operation is extremely easy. All functions can be performed by dragging icons on windows within the interface and even onto external applications (hardware players, etc.), for maximum ease of use !

  • Direct keyboard control : for maximum speed of execution, most functions can be accessed via direct keyboard shortcuts : volume and panning, as well as many vital functions are available through the keyboard (with additional features for Logitech's iTouch keyboards). The entire list of shortcuts is available in the Help within VirtuosaTM (press F1 when using VirtuosaTM).

  • Minimized mode : you can easily minimize VirtuosaTM and pilot it from the Tray Icon window. Just righ-click on the Virtuosa icon to access the basic functions.

  • Full screen : don't hurt your eyes with tiny and unreadable interfaces anymore. VirtuosaTM's full-screen interface is clear and convenient to manage your entire audio and video collection. It is fully customizable with skins and visualization plugins that can even be displayed in the background !

  • Incredible full-screen visualizations ...

    ... running in transparent windows !
  • Transparent windows : VirtuosaTM has a malleable interface with unique transparent windows. Our engineers have developed proprietary technologies to create a sophisticated graphic interface (with transparency, drop shadows, anti-aliasing and alpha blending). This allows to create spectacular visual effects and really impressive designs.

  • Full Help with tutorials : VirtuosaTM features an extensive Help that is always accessible by pressing F1 when using VirtuosaTM at any time. The document is structured in various tutorials, allowing all users, from basic to advanced levels, to find the relevant information in an accessible way.

  • Online Forum : an online forum is accessible online to exchange playlists, ideas, questions and answers, or to simply find people who share the same interests.

.: Differences between Trial and Gold versions :

    VirtuosaTM Trial VirtuosaTM Silver VirtuosaTM Gold
Limitations :      
+ Music and Movie Database No adding of tracks after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ High speed digital CD ripping Switches to analog after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ Data CD/DVD importing Deactivated after 30 days No* Unlimited
+ MP3 encoding Deactivated after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ WMA encoding Deactivated after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ Audio format conversion Deactivated after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ Audio/Data CD/DVD burning Deactivated after 30 days Unlimited Unlimited
+ CD/DVD label printing** Limited features Separate purchase Separate purchase
+ Online technical support Best efforts Priority support Priority support
+ Advance notice of new releases No Always Always
Price:   FREE Bundles only 39.99 USD/EUR
        50% discount

* can be purchased online as an add-on
** SureThing CD/DVD Labeler printing solution available as a separate purchase


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