Make sure you always have the latest version of Virtuosa installed. To update to a new version, SIMPLY download the latest Trial version and install it over the version already installed on your computer. Yes, it will keep your Gold or Silver registration if you install a Trial version over. Don't worry.

  • Glossary : you can find the Glossary here, to best understand all the keywords and their definitions.

  • Getting Started Guide : click here to view a Flash presentation that will give you an overview of Virtuosa's capabilities. Wait a few seconds for it to download.

  • Help : a full Help and Tutorials are always available within Virtuosa by simply pressing F1 anytime while using VirtuosaTM Please check it first as it is very complete and well structured in three tutorials.

  • FAQ : all recurring questions and their answers can be found here and are regularly updated.

  • Forum : additionally, you can obtain support and information in the VirtuosaTM communities of users, they also are available online here.

    These sources already hold most of the ANSWERS for you, are available IMMEDIATELY and 24-hours a day.

  • Email support : for other support contact information, click here.


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